Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Main Purpose of A 100 Dollar Bill?

A 100 Dollar Bill sets you up in your own business except you do not have the expense or the hassle of developing and running your own business. a 100 Bill Gives you the opportunity to make a lot of money online with a relatively small investment on your part

Can I Earn Commissions From A 100 Dollar Bill?

Yes you can earn 50% or 75% or 100% commissions at A 100 Dollar Bill depending at what level you join.

I want to earn maximum commissions which level should I choose?

You should choose the CEO level and you should choose one time payment if you can swing it. CEO level gives you 100% on all $100 director package sales - 20% on all Veep and CEO package sales and 75% on all individual product sales. Note: All commissions are less handling and processing fees.

Can I build a list of free and paid members at a 100 Dollar Bill?

Yes! You can build a list with any of the 3 levels. CEO, VEEP or director. CEO's can contact their members daily. VEEP's can contact their member every 2 days. Director's can contact their member every 3 days.

Can I Email My Leads from a 100 Dollar Bill

Yes you can email your leads right from the members area of a 100 Dollar Bill. Directors can mail their leads every 3 days. Veeps Can email their leads every 2 days and CEO's can email their leads Daily

Can anyone beside me email my leads?

No. Your leads are you own leads. No one else can email them. A 100 Dollar Bill helps you build your list for you by offering a Free report and those leads are yours and yours alone

He Controls The Admin Panel Makes The Sales

I have heard Jane Mark say " He Who Controls the Admin Panel make the Sales. What does she mean? She means that when you have your own list online and they get to know and trust you, that is when you make the sales. A 100 Bill is designed to build your own list and to give you control of the Admin Panel.

Can I Join A 100 Dollar Bill Free?

Yes you can and you will find a very valuable Free report waiting for you in the members area. You can also take a look around and if you cannot afford one of our Director, Veep or CEO packages, you can buy the products you like over time with a very small investment for each product

How Many Ways Can I Make Money at a 100 Dollar Bill?

You earn money when you sell the packages. You earn money when you sell the individual products at the site. You earn money from the Rapid Income Builder which you find in the members area. And You earn money from selling your own products to your own leads through the Admin Mailer that you control. This is your own business and there is no limit on the amount of money you can earn from it.

Who Owns A 100 Dollar Bill?

Phil Basten and Jane Mark are the developers and owners of A 100 Dollar Bill. They have been developing sites for online businesses for the past 15 years and now they are offering others a way to start their own business online, the easy way at A 100 Dollar Bill

Is There a Monthly Fee For A 100 Bill?

There is a monthly fee for Directors, Veeps and CEO's of 24.95 per month. These fees are waived for the Veeps and CEO's if you choose the one time payments available for these packages

Can I Pay Just One Time With No Monthly Fee?

Yes you can if you choose the Veep or CEO pacakage, we do have a one time payment available for those packages.

What Happens If I Stop Paying the Monthly Fee?

If you are on a monthly fee plan and you stop paying it, you lose your leads and access to your account. Your leads revert to the owner and you will need to reinstate your monthly payment and any back payments due in order to gain access to your account so please be sure your payment method is current and up to date.

What is The Rapid Income icon in the members Area?

Rapid Income are other programs that you can join that are good money makers. You can add your own id to The Rapid Income Builder and make sales when someone joins under you

Do I Get Ad Space In The Members Area?

You bet you do.Yes as a Director, Veep or CEO, you do get ad space that is very visible in the members area of A 100 Dollar Bill. This ad space comes with your package buy. Free members can buy ad space if they choose

What is The Purpose of The Free Report?

The Free Report is a way for you to build your list. You offer it as a giveaway to get people to join your 100 Dollar Bill List. The author is well known. Jane Mark has written several books online and does a lot of mentoring and coaching for online businesses. This Free Report has valuable information in it for your list members.

Is There Training On How To Build My Business ?

There is full training on how to use A 100 Dollar Bill. Phil Basten and Jane Mark give frequent live webinars and demonstrations on how to build an online business. You can always contact them through the support desk and you will always get your questions answered promptly.

I Am New Online...Is This Site For Me?

Absolutely. This site was developed by two well known professionals in the field of online business building. This is the right place to start for anyone seeking to earn a real living online. It has been the dream of developer Phil Basten to give his clients a way to make substantial money online and to build their own lists at the same time.

Can I Join FREE and UPGRADE?

Yes you can join Free and upgrade in the members area at any time.

Can I Earn Commissions as a Free Member?

No Only paid members receive an affiliate link and access to the Admin mailer.

When Do I Get Paid My Commissions?

You get paid weekly on Fridays. A commission is due one full week after it comes in so that it can clear out accounts. Our first commission run will be Friday, Dec 26th and every Friday thereafter

How Do I Get Paid?

You can get paid by Paypal, Solid Trust Pay or by check. Please enter your preferred method of payment in the profile area of the members area. There is no minimum or charge to get paid by Paypal or STP. There is a 25.00 minimum to get pa-id by check and a 2.50 check Charge

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